Me, because of you

The reason of me existing, of anybody existing and breathing on this planet is all thanks to the very first cell that came into existence after some million years of this planet being born from clutters. And somewhere inside us trace of that very first cell still remains reminding us of how even the most minute crumbs are an integral part of something.

Even though my memories have deluded me to believe that your trace has faded, I know it hasn’t and I know I’m what I’m because of you and your intangible crumbs. And you remain. You still remain


One Reply to “Me, because of you”

  1. Well goodness gracious man what say you now? The brethen court is assembling and you are missing somehow. Well the ameoba you say is from the heat from volcano bursts at the begining of Earth when the Sun exploded- somewhere there in between. It coined a molecular structure we call oxygen – oh heavens the ameoba may live and my bucket of water needs more cleaning every day even in 2018.

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