Have you ever seen a dandelion and how a gentle blow of air from your mouth disintegrates it and it disperses away in the air, traveling to the unknowns as far as the winds can carry it.

The soft and gentle nature of a dandelion while remaining almost completely independent for it’s survival contravenes Darwin’s theory.

Everything in this universe is bound to change. The transitions in your emotions, no matter how bleak, are like dandelions. They grow, change, and then disperse, all within you. You’re a universe of emotions and god, that’s beautiful.


5 Replies to “Transitions”

  1. You certainly are a perceiver, your skill tender and strong; behold the verse of the deceiver, for an ego massage and you won’t be long. Well that is the truth of the corporate life, the quench of thirst dangling on a stick; whence, you are with strife, the dandeliion is as good as taking a mick – ey! “don’t say that” says his mom, then he says, “its just a flower” – yes it’s nature; nature obeys, and makes the dog cower.

    Such sychronicity of serendipity is the brief moment when time is time, a relational particle; what is the researcher’s crime? Read the rest of this article.

    When they say that DNA is 0.something active – did they look inside a live human alive and into yoga and yog well versed with understanding emotions and the unconscious though hive?
    When they say that the particle changes on being observed – did they look inside a human alive and cognizant and conscientious and yes big and adult enough to legally go inside a particle accelerator? That is the stupidity of science. So,

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