My becoming

The simple facts of science have always baffled me. And the greatest merit of science is that it’s the testimony, a proof to the truth. We have pushed through millions of years to become what we are today, carrying though a process so intense that once shook the world to It’s core and yet here we are.

Of all the severities life has faced, it has given twice. Of all the chances it has taken away, it has gambled twice. Maybe you too were a chance life gambled away but I rather like to believe that you, most certainly, were my becoming, my proof.


3 Replies to “My becoming”

  1. Are you baffled still, that the sight of yesteryear amassed, the symptoms of today, the ground is Earth and some children passed. The boards, and clips, the chalksticks, they remind us, that noise, the laughter, school chums on a bus. Do you remember how all howled as soon as a dark tunnel used to be transitted, the Shinchan oohh! is very melenchonic, its and adage – no! Well now, is 2018 and those years are still fresh, in our minds, we are all flesh, but still we think we are a different kind.

    My thirst for knowledge was second to Faust, my adverb was overused and a rap was expected in a joust. When the silly me came down the stairs in a tricycle, my chin still sports the scar; my anticipation for mimicary came back a cycle, when I saw myself in the mirror from afar.

    The day I lived the most when I learned the meaning of death, that day is still to come; and here on the ode bequeth, and that is my home. When I return and I never may, for hope and permission are the two ways of drugeory, wish me gone, and you go yourself; that is the minds – savegory.

    The hope of my conquest the barriers of time, the ghost of past beckons; I am but caught in a perplexing mime, What doth thee reckon? What might ail a wayfarer? Is this like fiction thinks you? What need but a damsel in distress. Yes, the parents talk of marriage and stuff, call me blufff and you’re too late; I guess open mic poetry is the last mountain that I’ll climb. poetry – high five! I guess I’ll use my thumb and survive.

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      1. Thank you for voicing your concern. I’d would’ve been even exited had you told me your perplexing situation and elaborated upon what perplexed you.

        Here is a translation in plain english. Excuse me if I miss the moot point.

        Are you baffled when you remember your childhood today? This is the Planet Earth and the board results were declared. That is when I remembered my school days. How we used to scream in memory of the overnight stay in school in class 3rd at the wonder that all us kids were alone in the dark with each other. That seems to be a recurring pattern in many kids. That is the wonder.

        I never sold my soul for any knowledge. I used too many adverbs and went for an emotional categorization by behaviour instead of classification and intellectuallization. I used to rhyme on facebook groups in reply to poems by others to practice. The social perception hits like and scars, but is evolutionary assistance. But when I look back today, I find myself satisfied.

        I’ll learn the meaning of life, the moment I die, for that’s when I might know what craving for life means, now I’m alive, and any thoughts of death are but an imagination. However, that I accept that I’ll die one day. Let’s leave the debate about afterlife barred. When you attempt to crave or avert any thought, when you attempt to love or hate any thought/feeling/or perception. Then, that is the resistance of a present action with that of a past.

        Let it pass through. The best offence and defence is the technique of no offfence and no defence. Be the real you.

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