Life is as you live it

It meddles my thoughts just how some of us see life as monochromatic and others see it as variegated. Our realities are severed at the very point when we choose to believe what we believe in.

But the truth is, life comes to you as you live it. A man living under the shades and behind silhouettes will never know the joy of sunlight kissing his skin. So, you become what you believe in.

But here’s the thing, there’s nothing wrong with either of them. You live with what you’ve got even if it means sadness being a part of it. We’re made of the same dust that once created the universe and some part of us is within every atom in every corner of it.

The universe is ever expanding, ever growing and so are you.


8 Replies to “Life is as you live it”

  1. this was a beautiful write! I was thinking the same things this past week, about how I see the world different from others, but we aren’t so different after all in what we aspire and try to be. your words really resonate with me.

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    1. Yes, you’re thinking right!! if we look at the bigger picture we’d find that we’re just a result of an evolutionary process beginning from a tiny cell and the only thing that separates us are our beliefs and thoughts. Thank you so much for your kind words!! ❤

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  2. What up young lad, the dust is sworn and such, how goes your life? I appreciate your article very much. Well in terms of the guy named Sidhartha Gautum may has particulate matter rest in entropy as energy eventually voids; I hear nowadays you chums have Androids. In our time whence the 90’s were aboom, we slept a hearty night and got up at noon. Whence days and times, we’re simpler still, I guess my dad and mom paid all my bills.

    Thence, came your article, and what about a comment or two, then I thought how about take a follower and comment all through till I’m near bit loon. But agasht nay wanderer is a wayfarer to a traveller. I’m sorry if my spellings make me seem like a grovellor.

    In times of now the 2018 and today. The sun is shining bright there is need of hay. The cattle are young and the farmers rest for summer, the seeds will be sown in autumn with a bang, said my father to me many a summer. He said rain is bad, and away it went, I’d teach my kid that rain is god crying a tad, be he a holy man then the placebo shall oust to his repent. May then the rain return and Montezuma will be found, for El Cid is hungry for Cortez and the world burns, we have the Devil in hell with the Holy ground.

    By the by it means I’m going back to employment, I thank you for reading or even following me for pretence as such may or may not be for your enjoyment. I’m thrilled that I got to leave a mark when the world wide web died, the days are gone and I wish that god now cried and cired.

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