Untill I forget

An average human brain has 100 billion neurons and each neuron fires 200 times per second, transferring billions of information and storing it all inside. It never truly forgets anything. It’s funny how I’m about to totally contravene my own statement.

Most of us end up forgetting our childhood as we grow up. We end up forgetting the playground by the school, or the store that had our favourite candies or the friends you never saw again after they moved away.

I remember going to my grandma’s home every summer and she’d always have almost a dozen of sugarcanes for me, that she used to grow in the little garden along with the varieties of flowers that mostly my grandfather took care of. They had an unusual love for plants and flowers. I loved chewing on those really sweet sugarcanes.

We lived a very simple and humble life and I’ve only a few debilitating memories of it. But that’s it. I only remember parts where I was happy and never those parts where I cried when I hurt my knees or the nightmares that’d wake me up in the middle of the night.

Maybe this is it. Maybe we get so attached to the good times that when they become memories, they overcast the ones that our brains deemed unnecessary.

But I don’t miss those good times. I don’t miss those memories which have nearly faded to nothing. I don’t miss my grandma and I don’t miss those sugarcane plants that once filled my mouth with saccharine.

Maybe someday I’ll forget about everything, even your memories and, regrettably, never miss them again but until then, let me feel the only real thing I’ve ever felt; let me feel something, anything.


7 Replies to “Untill I forget”

    1. I believe they are never really forgotten. It’s all inside our brains, locked safely cuz time has made sure to overcast it with the memories following those in the long past! Sometimes they’re triggered by even the simplest of event.
      Thank you very much for the kind comment, Anita.


  1. I can feel this so strongly..for some reason we only remember bits and pieces of our childhood and keep forgetting more as we grow up. But my idea is the more you recall those good memories by yourself or your loved ones they will remain etched in our minds forever.

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    1. Yes exactly my point! But we only remember those memories we prefer over the rest. These memories
      although dormant can be triggered
      anytime by anything that’s reminiscent of the past and that feeling is just something else.


  2. Reading this felt like I was sitting right across from you and was having a kind of conversation I’ve always craved.

    Simple, beautiful, moving and relatable.

    We might remember all the good times, but do we necessarily miss them?
    Maybe, maybe not.

    It’s strangely beautiful, like it is asking us to live in the present itself and forget about the future that is to come and the past that we’ve left behind.

    -Megha 💜

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    1. You’ve untangled these messy words into something even I couldn’t realize. Yes, I suppose it all comes down to the present. Past is too old to remember and future is too uncertain to think about.
      So I try to make sense of the reality grasping my present which is bound to both my past and future.
      I’m really grateful to you for your keen observation and your words. 💙

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