My starcrossed lover

I have a bad habit. A habit of loneliness and when I’m lonely I’m vulnerable to every thought in this universe, anything it can spare.

When I’m lonely I sit on an elevated porch, on a bench by the basketball court, or on the floor of the house I live in as a tenant, or any place where I can feel the empty air around me as clear as I see the words with my glasses. But it’s more like a routine than a habit and I’d say that most of my days are spent being like this.

I think of time and how the world moves around it rather than on it’s axis. Strangely people have come to acknowledge and respect it as the most powerful and most strange paradox in this universe.

I think of love now and how even before men learned that anything existed beyond their land, beyond their children and cattles, that their exist oceans stretching to thousand miles leading to whole another continent with completely different people. How did they find love in a group of handful of people? Did love subject itself to distance before our time? The concept of star-crossed lovers was lost to them, perhaps or perhaps the entirety of love.

My forefathers and your forefathers came to this land from thousand miles away and settled here, never knowing how their lives would turn out. They came here as children and they learnt about this place about the people here and one of them felt a warmth in their heart, affection perhaps, the kind felt for someone they wouldn’t mind sharing their existence with, from their heart to soul, from life to skin everything they could spare and love happened.

You, I and everyone else is a result of thousands of years of love accrued into one person, the soul of our fore fathers breathe this four letter word into our lungs and like the chimney blows, it occupied our entire being.

You and I are starcrossed lovers. We’ve travelled through miles and time altogether to be here at this moment and the only conscientious thing to be done now would be to love each other.


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