Becoming you

~You were lying there, deep in the chasm, unadulterated and bare to the skin, like a fallen tower measuring the length of the ground with it’s senescence. Your face candidly confronting the sun, unapologetic to your bones and I never felt so meek and mindless, daring to step closer and so I did.

I saw your breasts, succulent, like mountain peaks, so brave, so bold, so tempting. Balanced between the crease running down to the omphalos of your belly. Your legs entwined with each other like tangled grapevines, guarding your purity. Your hands marking your body, scorned by the dead and the living, still embracing your atoms.

I never felt so much belongingness in an entity yet as unbounded as you were, curiosity took over me and I stepped on where your shadow separated both of our realities. I saw your auburn eyes, half closed, still boring a hole through my chest, up to the cupola of the universe. So daunting, so luring.

I’m afraid yet I’m not. I heard you breathing, your chest falling and rising with the rhythm of my own and that’s when I leaned in and I touched and I let myself slip into you. I became you.

And there were you, again and I, again.~


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