A million times, over again

I’m a man of science more than I’m of faith and that’s because faith cannot explain the revolution of Earth around a ball of fire, or the colliding and merging of galaxies to form a new one, or the creation of a star from the nebulae. But I often find myself trying to balance the beam between the two.

Right now, at this exact moment, thousands of stars are collapsing and turning into stardust some million light years away and there you are, outlasting every single one of them. Sometimes I ponder that maybe the reason it took me so long to find you is because you’ve been colliding, merging and metamorphosing into you and what right do I have to expect a certainty like you before it’s time.

You have delved the darkness to find the light for so long that it became the only color you ever remembered and what darkness left of you, memories claimed.

Yet you never stopped searching for the light and now everytime you look at the sky you store a new colour in your memories. This is your becoming.

And I know, I’ve faith that I’ve waited with you, apart from you, for something like this, something like you. This is my becoming.

And if you allow me to, I’d wait a million years, a million times, over again.


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