Thousand things

Thousand things to tell u about

Still stuck here wondering around

Wondering about your chiseled smile

And a crescent that it casts on mine

All the secrets you hide beneath

Wish I could be the first to reach

And all the thoughts she dismays to believe

Her heart entrapped by walls unseen

But I will climb those sturdy walls

Keep trying again, even if I fall

Untamed and wild, she runs free 

So I’ll chase her through thousand lifetimes if it takes me

Lets her imagination run streak

Through the pages; she loves to read

Can I be those pages your hands run through

And feel your warmth I’ve always wished to ?

So let me take your hand on mine

And dance under the moon, the sky

For we are nothing but specks of dust in the sands of time

But I’ll hold the reins of eternity for you if you take my hand just fine


Utopian Wish 

Out in the corner, shrunken up to nothing,

noticed a hand, reaching out to help.

Took it ever so gently, in mine

and I knew it would be magnificent.
The warmth I’ve always been oblivion to,

now gushed through this mortal body of mine.

The belongingness that now I felt,

found in the moments right beside her.
Ever wondering about that beautiful smile, 

How it so valiantly tamed my storms.

Those ever so beguiling eyes, had me lost

in the moment, trailed by my thoughts.
Those rain drops, blest to touch her skin,

beautified her outlines, ever obscured.

Her grace, something magical and divine.

Transfixed by the chastity of her innocence
How couldn’t I fall, fall for such sovereignty?

Swiftly reaching out to the abyss in my chest.

The prowess which took over every realm.

But didn’t know, all it ever will be, my Utopian wish.

When it rains 

​The musk of the wet soil 

as the drops collide with mother earth 

As if the nature is crying the tears of joy 

For we have finally fathomed her worth 

That is the kind of equanimity

my soul aches for 

An unparalleled ambience

Let’s burn together 

​Let’s burn together until ashes of our bones fill the dark nights and our blood runs deep into oceans
Let’s burn together until the stench of our flesh reaches the gates of heaven and the flames from our bodies adorn the azure sky
Let’s burn together until our names become the song of blue moon and we become poetry on these blank pages 

“Scars are medals branded on the flesh”

“Scars are medals branded on the flesh”
– Paulo Coelho, Manuscripts of Accra 

Contrary to what Paulo Coelho mentioned to be written on the scripts, this is my outlook on those 7 words.

Scars aren’t ornaments. They are memories that will haunt you forever but at the same time will make you invincible. 

Scars aren’t meant to be flaunted because they make you who you are. Scars are like relics you keep away and safe from the touch of humans until the only valiant soul who deserves to know the truth comes along. Until then you are nothing but a vagabond in this forsaken world waiting for redemption just like others. The only thing that separates you from others are your scars.

God only helps you along your journey as a seer. Often a times he would guide you with the most minute connotations and you would have to believe in him and search for it in every aspect of life. And at times when everything gets difficult your scars will remind you the adversities you have faced and the battles that you still can fight. 

And at the end god will bless you with another pair of hands to hold that will make you forget about everything and every war you silently fought will be nothing but stories you two would read together.

So until then keep those scars cloaked under your battle hardened smile.


She tamed the stars with the sway of her fingers

Creating a silent symphony that forever lingers 

And the moon couldn’t help but watch profoundly in awe

As the flicker in her eyes gleamed brighter than the cosmos 

A kind of love

Drape me in your love and leave the lust naked;

Clothe me to the tip of this endless unadulterated fondness 

Until our desultory mind finds modesty

* This beautiful painting isn’t mine. It was made by one of my best friend. For more awesome sketches check out her Instagram account @hooman_sloth *

I wonder 

I wonder who u r beneath that smile

An unpretentious bearer of ecstasy of mine.

I wonder who u r beneath those eyes

Searching for answers in the void.

I wonder who u r beneath your beautiful

Oblivious of serenity inside.

I wonder who u r beneath your soul

Braver than the mighty knights

I wonder who u r beneath your memories 

Just a glimpse of the moments in time ?

And I wonder who u r, beneath mine

An incessant melody of my heart’s chime